Best Paper Award at IEEE NVMSA 2018

UNIST CSE J. Hyun Kim, Young Je Moon, Hyunsub Song, Jay H. Park and Professor Sam H. Noh’s paper “μSnap: Embracing Traditional Programming Models
for Persistent Memory through OS Support” received the Best Paper Award at IEEE NVMSA 2018.

μSnap is an operating system support that is based on checkpointing that allows legacy applications to be executed as-is in a persistent memory environment without compromising consistency.
The overhead of μSnap for a wide range of applications turned out to be small and this small cost can be tremendous in the sense that one can transparently guarantee the consistency of all legacy software written under the traditional programming model.

NVMSA is a major international conference for new ideas and research results in the area of non-volatile memory systems and emerging memory technologies.

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